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I want to be Daddy's Little Girl

Isn't it funny how a child is able to forgive his or her parents to an almost sacrificial degree or, on the other hand, to hate them with a passion far exceeding that which he or she may have for any other person. Though a child who has been adopted may never have met their birth mother, they still probably feel strong emotions towards them one way or another. When she came of age, my older half-sister, whom my mother had given up for adoption because she would have been unable to care for her as a single parent in the military, sought out and found mom on her own once she turned 17. What is it about parents (blood relation) that has such a grip on our minds that those to whom we are less related or perhaps not related at all simply cannot compete with?

My father is a frustrating man. Many's the time I've wanted to scream in his face that I hate him and never want to see him again. Though he has many good attributes, he's bullied me, told me as a child that he was glad …
Well, it's certainly been an interesting few days.

EJ graduated on Monday! =D That's right, he's no longer in his MOS school, he's actually going to start work; today's his first day!!

I've been kind of keeping it a secret that EJ was offered a job at Quantico to work on the Presidential helicopter fleet because I wanted to know for certain whether or not he'd get the security clearance needed before I went and plastered it all over the internet. As it stands now, it's not looking good. Things were going well right up until - literally - the day he was supposed to leave. Then his orders came and, oh whoops, looks like he's not going to Quantico. This doesn't mean he absolutely, 100% won't get the job (since it takes up to six weeks to get security clearance), but it's doubtful. So, it's off to his original duty station. Gotta love the military. (One thing that would have been delightful about the job at Quantico was that he wouldn'…
There's something growing - something engorging itself upon the innocent minds of English speakers. It daily encroaches, becoming more and more sinister with each passing usage.

It's not a drug.

It's not a weapon.

It's something much subtler ... something known as the comparative.

Example. "My car is better than your car."

Simple enough, ja? The sentence compares one car to another.

How would you feel, though, if I said something like this: "My car is more better than your car." Aside from the potential for arrogance in that statement, using "more" with the ending "-er" is incorrect. Yet, I see just such a structure being used more and more by people who have no intention of being funny - heck, most of the time they're trying to be serious.

So, this is one for the road kids: use either "more" or "-er", but don't use both together.