In the name of God, here's looking forward to a single, unified Orthodox Church of the United States.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's funny how blog trails can lead you down a path you were never expecting. I found this blog somehow, which absolutely touched my heart because I want so badly to adopt children, any children, from anywhere, no matter their age. I want to rescue them as Jesus would rescue them. I'm not sure if that's entirely the right attitude to have when dealing with real human beings who may not need or want to be rescued in quite the same way as you want them to be, but right now, when I'm so far removed from any situation that requires anyone to be rescued (though it's coming nearer every day in the form of our ever socializing government), that's how I know and understand what I'm feeling.

EJ is not on the same page as I am and I pray that God will carefully adjust both of our hearts to be totally in submission to His will for our lives. Whether that means adopting a child or not, carrying a child or not, loving a child or not - let it only be in submission to Him.

This is a quote from that blog worthy of being repeated over and over again:
[T]wo-and-a-half years ago ... I attended a Mercy Ministries conference of our denomination. I raised my hand to question a speaker who was talking about inner city ministry. I agreed that it was an admirable thing to actually live in the city and minister relationally to the poor, but confessed that the safety of my family would prevent me from doing it right now.

His answer haunts me to this day: "Our job is not to protect our children. Our job is raise them in the admonition of Christ."
That is what I needed to hear right now. Thank you, Jesus.

Link Dump!

Now this is just cool:

Top 10 Incorrupt Corpses


House Agrees to muzzle pastors with 'hate crimes' plan

Censors for talk radio expected within 90 days


Guns bought this year could outfit 2 armies


Aside from sticking a needle directly into my scalp, how do I get my headscarf to stay on?? I feel as though one good shake of the head will knock it off, and it keeps creeping backwards little by little. I've tried bobby pins, but they don't seem to have any lasting hold - though I'm more than willing to accept advice about them if I've been working them incorrectly.

If EJ will let me, I really want to start covering my head full time when I move down south, so I thought I'd start getting some practice in now. I'm really bad at it. Heck, I'm bad with anything above my neck. I usually let my hair just hang free every single day because I can't even put it in a decent ponytail, so this is like pulling eye teeth - really painful and frustrating.

What will you do with *your* leisure time?

Despite the high camp factor, this instructional video from 1950 has a lot of truth to it. Too many people seek to just be entertained today, but it wasn't so very long ago that most men and women had to work hard all the time - not by choice, but by necessity. Technological advances have given nearly everyone in first world countries the ability to "while away time", something that was formerly restricted only to the idle rich - and the idle rich were, for the most part, not people we would want to morally emulate. While I'm thankful that I don't have to set apart a whole day to wash clothes by hand, I can't help but think it would be more beneficial for me to do that than to simply sit around all day staring at my computer/television/ipod/phone screen.

If you search for these types of videos on YouTube, there is an amazing variety on some of the most far flung topics.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


*Glee!!* The ring is out!! The piercer had no problem removing it - which just goes to show how weak I really am. My lip is 99% better even though it's only been about 30 hours since it's been gone.

When I get it redone, I now know without a doubt who I'm going back to. =)

And, just so this isn't all about me, here's the famous Maru, who desperately, desperately needs boxhab:

Saturday, April 25, 2009

How NOT To Remove a Lip Ring

So I finally decided to lose my apathy and just do it. This ring needed to be gone yesterday.

I have a captive bead ring (also known as a captive ball ring). Search that through Google and you'll see what it looks like. The two ends of the ring sit in indentations in the ball, which is held in place by the pressure of the tips. To remove it, you "simply" pull apart the two ends, pop the ball out, and then further separate or twist the ends until you have a gap big enough to fit around your lip.

Well, I researched it and most websites said to use needle nosed pliers or specialized ring pliers to remove it. I had neither, so I washed my hands with antibacterial soap and tried to pull the ends apart myself. No dice. I called up my friend Ashley and asked if she had some pliers. She didn't, but wondered if maybe it would be easier for another person to get it with their hands since the angles are different. I went over to her house, she washed her hands with antibacterial soap, and then went to work.

At first, nothing happened except a lot of tugging at the ring, which irritated my lip. Then, all of a sudden, I felt the ring "move" differently and Ashley yanked her hand back - taking my lip with it. Ouch!! She'd managed to separate one end from the ball, but the tension was so strong she caught her fingernailnail in between the two and now it was stuck! Like something out of a screwball comedy, I clutched her arm to make sure she didn't accidentally yank it back again and we made our way slowly, clumsily to the bathroom, laughing hysterically, so I could help retrieve her hand.

Retrieve it we did and, because my lip hadn't been abused enough, we set back to work. She laid hold of a sturdy pair of tweezers and, though I'm not quite sure how, finally managed to pop the ball out of the ring. This left just spreading the ends enough to slide it out.

Um, yeah ... easier said than done. I don't know what this metal is made of or if we were doing it incorrectly (which we probably were), but those ends would not budge.

This whole time we'd managed without a pair of pliers, but now I suggested we go to Wal-Mart to pick up a pair. So we did - and I ended up somehow buying the $11 pair instead of the $2 pair. These had better last me the rest of my life.

Since Ashley had no matches to sterilize the tip and I was too impatient to wait for any water to boil, I washed it as thoroughly as possible with antibacterial soap and Ashley went at it once more.

Seriously, this metal is harder than diamond.

Either that, or, as I said, we were going about this completely the wrong way. (I'd place money on the latter.)

We finally gave up because blood was beginning to come out of the hole and I didn't want to tear it. I've decided to go back home and have the professional piercer remove it. There's no one closer that I know of or trust.

Now I'm just afraid that, until I make it to the piercer, the open ends of the ring are going to slide inside the wound and things will crustify between them and we won't be able to slide it around again without some pain and suffering on my part.

I hope I haven't created a royal mess.

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Michigan "Spring"

Spring in Michigan is almost a non-event. If it weren't for the rain, you'd never quite know if it was still coming or if you'd already missed it.

Today is our second day in the high 70s! Our first was last week, but then it dropped back down to the 30s and everyone was miserable again.

Now I'm just not sure if we're finally into Summer of if this could appropriately be called Spring. Usually right around the end of April we go from Winter to Summer in about the space of three weeks, with Spring squished in somewhere between the two.

God has created a quirky world. =)

EDIT: Spring it still is! Rain, rain, a-pourin' down.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


**Ring Ring**

EJ: Honey, what should I get my bachelor's degree in?

Me: Umm....

EJ: Yeah, that's what I was thinking, too.

Me: Entrepreneur? Computer Security?

EJ: Doctor?


EJ: I will never, ever perform any procedure that violates my conscience, the Hippocratic oath or God's holy law.

Me: ...Alright then.

~~End Call~~

**Ring Ring**

EJ: Honey, how would you feel if I collected enough credits to almost get a bachelors and then joined the Navy as an officer?

Me: *absolutely stunned silence*

EJ: And became a doctor. They would pay for my medical school.

Me: Do it!

~~End Call~~

Thank you, Jesus

I <3 Puppies

*** EDIT: I just realized this is my 200th post ***

A timely post by Father Stephen.

Singleness of Heart


The simple truth is that it is hard to unite our heart and our mouth. This fundamental lack of integrity is simply one of the many ways in which our brokenness manifests itself. We are a people of “lying lips.”

Our human relationships are full of banter that comes from somewhere other than the heart. It is not only God who is deprived of the witness and testimony of our heart. “I love you” often means something else.

Among the teachings of the Fathers on prayer is the simple instruction to allow ourselves to settle down and our speech and our heart to be one. It is a simple union of heart and mouth.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I really wish we hadn't buried Max's noogie with him. I just want to hold onto something tangible that he loved.

It's too late now. It breaks my heart.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Eating Simply

(Sorry if this doesn't make much sense. I just sort of sat down and shot it off - there's really no rhyme or reason to it.)

Many of the blogs I read have made posts at one point or another in their bloggy existence about eating simply, healthily, and frugally. In two weeks or so I'll be heading down south to set up permanent residence with EJ and this topic has been weighing heavily on my mind. I still have so much to learn.

The environmental standpoint is only one aspect from which I look, self-sufficiency and survivalism are much higher on my list. So my thought process goes more like "How easy would it be to sustain our diet as it is right now if we were cut off from all importation lines?" What then? Too, how much does it cost to buy all those extraneous items when you could be eating a simple, semi-vegetarian diet from hunting or your own gardens - or, if you don't have readily available lands, from container plants, bulk sales, or farmer's markets?

It's funny how one changes, but whenever I read a recipe now I try to take it back to its most basic level. For instance, if a recipe calls for 1 cup of flour, I wonder exactly how much wheat I'd have to grow, thresh, and grind (without electrical equipment) in order to obtain that 1 cup; if the particular item needed is tempeh, I want to find out how to grow the materials and make my own. And if, as in the case of tempeh, a starter is needed, I don't like the thought of ordering it off the web rather than finding out how to start it myself (again, what if you were suddenly unable to order anything?). I'm beginning to judge food and food preparation not by its difficulty of preparation once you're in the kitchen, but by its total ease of production from beginning (seed or starter) to end (belly).

Granted, this doesn't mean I don't like foods with exotic ingredients, just that they would go the way of the dodo in the case of an emergency.

EDIT: Just after writing this I came across some other ingredients which I totally took for granted, but that I'm not sure I'd be able to make on my own: baking soda and cream of tartar (baking powder is usually a combination of the two along with some other ingredients). How do you bake without those? Really??

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Today I became a catechumen of the Orthodox Church.

Glory be to God forever!

He is risen!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Christ be Praised!

Tomorrow is Pascha!

From Father Stephen's blog:


People rejoice, nations hear:
Christ is risen, and brings the joy!
Stars dance, mountains sing:
Christ is risen, and brings the joy!
Forests murmur, winds hum:
Christ is risen, and brings the joy!
Seas bow*, animals roar:
Christ is risen, and brings the joy!
Bees swarm, and the birds sing:
Christ is risen, and brings the joy!

Angels stand, triple the song:
Christ is risen, and brings the joy!
Sky humble yourself, and elevate the earth:
Christ is risen, and brings the joy!
Bells chime, and tell to all:
Christ is risen, and brings the joy!
Glory to You God, everything is possible to You,
Christ is risen, and brings the joy!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One odd side-effect of Lent...

...I don't miss meat. (o.0)

I went from eating meat at nearly every meal to being a vegetarian for 40 days (and vegan on Wednesdays and Fridays) and, though I grow tired of the boring veggie meals offered by my school, I realized that I actually don't miss the meat.

Hmmm, I wonder how long this will last once Lent is over.

Monday, April 13, 2009

If you want to be humbled...

Riding on a Donkey

This semester I have been taking a course in western medieval philosophy (Augustine, Boethius, Anselm, Aquinas, etc). It has opened my eyes (in, of course, a completely imperfect way) to just what 'infinite God' really means. My picture of God has now become less of human Jesus wrangling his sheep and more of the earth as a tiny speck suspended in the immense golden light that is God. This has also made it harder for me to pray to God - I wonder how such an incomprehensible being (although 'being' doesn't even describe it, nothing can) could approve of anything we do, could be pleased by the incense from our small churches, or take an interest in such tiny creatures. It has been the epitome of humbling to force myself to *accept* that God entered His own finite world, became one of His finite creatures, submitted Himself to their every need, and ... I still can't quite comprehend it.

I'm still struggling with understanding God as human being, something I had no problem with before. This class seems to have made it all kinds of difficult to be a Christian. I liked it better when it was easier to think of Christ as more of a man and less of a God-man - which one of the reasons why, I'm sure, He became a human in the first place.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Well, I've gone and done it. I was trying really hard not to make this blog political, but I can no longer stick my head between my knees and pray that a knight on a white stallion will come stampeding through the apathy and save the day (rather, I'm quite expecting a very different set of horses to be unleashed upon the world in my lifetime).

Still, doesn't Ron Paul remind you of Marshall Matt Dillon (James Arness) from the TV western "Gunsmoke"?


Food Safety and Modernization Act

This is more of a dumping ground of links for my own personal use, but feel free to "share the wealth" (see, isn't it easier when no one's forcing you to do it? =)
*Oh my gosh, this website is AMAZING. I don't know if it tells you every bill being bandied about by the legislature, but it probably comes darn close. Basically, it's a voting website. It's easy to read, easy to navigate, and it shows you how your representatives and congressmen have voted on many different bills. It also has a built-in Rep and Congo finder if you register, including easy links to contacting them. Not to sound like President B. Hussein Obama, but sign up, NOW.

The Great Tribulation

This is an interesting article about computer facial recognition. (Beware when searching his other articles. He can be rather crass and crude.)

Actually, for some reason, stuff like this doesn't scare me as much as it used to. In a weird, twisted way my brain sees it as a challenge to be overcome, a puzzle to be solved, only the result of failure eventually will become torture and death.

This will probably sound stupid, but yesterday, when my bottom lip was puffed up almost to the philtrum and, in my frantic search of the Web to find anything that would help, I was coming across stuff like this, I was actually beginning to fear the infection could spread and I'd end up in the hospital, much like Mr. Wheeler (see last link), and might even die if I didn't take care of the problem now. In a small, pathetic way I faced death - and realized I am not at all as ready for it as I thought. My mind ran to how sinful I am. I'm always asking God for forgiveness and yet I hardly make any real effort on my part to combat said sinfulness. Basically, I'm a failure.

Actually, it was last Thursday during the Great Canon of St. Andrew, when the life of St. Mary of Egypt is read in its entirety (incredible doesn't even begin to describe it), that the niggling sense of my utter failure as a Christian began awakening. It's awe inspiring to see how Christ can truly transform someone, giving them a taste of what life will be like after the resurrection of the body.

Somehow, my original post about facial recognition turned into this. Glory be to Jesus Christ.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Lip Piercing Infection

You know how an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? Well, for cripes sake, don't get a lip piercing and then fail to take proper care of it.

EDIT: I've decided to give a step-by-step account of how I treat this, so if anyone stumbles across this via search engine they'll have my experience to add to their Things to Think About.

(Stupid but necessary disclaimer: I'm not a doctor. Deal.)

April 6th

- Sources: Body Piercing and WikiAnswers and the piercer at a tattoo parlor in my hometown who has a very good reputation (he's not the one who pierced my lip), because I can't find anything else online that seems credible.

- 8:00 am: Bought supplies:
  • Hain Pure Foods brand non-iodized Sea Salt
  • Celestial Seasonings Chamomile Tea
  • Equate brand foaming Antibacterial Hand Soap
  • Listerine Antiseptic Mouth Wash, which I'm praying doesn't have alcohol in it somewhere (dang it! It does! That was a waste of money. >.<)
  • 100% pure cotton Cotton Rounds
  • Swispers brand Supreme (i.e. jumbo) Cotton Balls
- 8:30 am: 10 minute sea-salt solution soak (SSSS). Mixed solution of about 1 teaspoon sea salt and a coffee mug of water, filled to about 1/2" below brim. Warmed it up for 45 seconds in microwave. Soaked 1 cotton round and attempted to hold it too my lip. Drippy finagling ensued. Finally chucked the first round and soaked another one, folded it in half, and simply held it up gently against the outside hole. Held cotton ball against chin below to catch drips (I'm using the cotton rounds/balls because they're disposable and thus more sanitary than a washcloth, which can harbor germs). Soaked hole for 10 minutes, changing cotton round whenever it cooled off (took about four, total).

- 8:40 am: After SSSS, washed front hole gently with another cotton round and a little anti-bacterial soap.

- 11:30 am: Chickened out and went to the doctor because my lip was beginning to really hurt. I wasn't that impressed with his "diagnosis". The doctor walked in the room, I told him that I thought my lip was infected, he looked at it for maybe 10 seconds inside and out and said, "Well, yes, I'm going to give you some antibiotics." Then he actually told me to rub the area with hydrogen peroxide to keep it clean. Um, NO, never, ever use hydrogen peroxide with piercing grade jewelry - it will strip the coating and actually make it infectious. This doctor works on a college campus and doesn't know how to deal with piercings. I feel so safe. He then walked out of the room and the nurse gave me a bottle full of pills. That was it. Still, I'll take the pills, because it's scary seeing my mouth as swollen as it is.

- 12:00 pm: Took first antibiotic pill.

- 2:00 pm: Applied chamomile poultice (i.e. I wet the tea-bag down and put it on my mouth). Lip really hurting now. The person who pierced it used a ring rather than a stud. BAD IDEA. He didn't take into account how much my lip was going to swell after and now I've got said ring cutting into me and everything on the internet telling me not to take it out because then the pus won't be able to drain and it could form an abscess ... awesome. I'm beginning to worry I'm not going to get out of this without scarring of some kind (I mean other than the hole left by the piercing, obviously)

- 2:10 pm: The Internet has told me that chamomile (which is an antibiotic itself) could possibly interact with the antibiotics I've just started. I was going to use it to try and reduce the swelling, but now I'm not going to take any chances. Great, these pills had better be magic, because I'm in pain and anything that eases said pain is not happily given up.

Also, I found this page with a useful little blurb of how much sea salt to add to each cup of water (just 1/4 teaspoon or so). It also conveniently warns me not to use the antibacterial soap I bought.*huff* Can someone just reach a consensus on what to use to treat lip piercing infections?!?

-2:50 pm: Another 10-minute SSSS.

- 5:00 pm: Took antibiotic pill.

- 9:00 pm: Took antibiotic pill. My lip seems to have deflated a little bit after being at work, talking and using my mouth for three hours. It also doesn't hurt as much right now. This is good. I'm sure it will puff back up overnight, but, hopefully, I can keep my maw gently working tomorrow and reduce the size somewhat again.

- 9:30 pm: Last 10-minute SSSS of the night - ooh, looks like it's encouraging some of the pus to drain. =)

- 10:07 pm: Information Jackpot, Double Jackpot

April 7th

- 6:45 am: Took antibiotic pill. Lip didn't swell up overnight and it's not nearly as sore! I think this is less a matter of the sea-salt solution soaks (SSSS) and more a matter of prayer. =)

- 7:00 am: 10-minute SSSS. I should say that, just because my lip didn't re-swell overnight, doesn't mean it isn't still abnormally swollen, so I'm not going to stop the antibiotics or anything.

- 12:00 pm: Took antibiotic pill.

- 5:00 pm: Took antibiotic pill. Lip is looking really good - it's almost back to pre-infection, post-traumatic inflammation levels. My ring is still too small, though, so EJ and I have decided that, once the infection is gone, I'm going to take out the ring, let the wound heal up completely, then have it re-pierced by a person I actually trust.

- 5:15 pm: 10-minute SSSS

April 8th

Lip seems pretty much normal again. I'm continuing my antibiotic course and am doing SSSS's twice a day. I'm also keeping my mouth cleaner - brushing, or at least rinsing, after every meal (yes, you read that correctly, after every meal) and I haven't let a washcloth within an inch of the wound since it got infected, rather, I'm still using the disposable cotton rounds to wash and dry the area. If I must touch the ring with my hands, I wash with the antibacterial soap before and I don't dry them until after doing whatever needs to be done - those towels can harbor germs just as well as a washcloth.

All of these precautions are for the piercing while it is still healing. I can't speak about it once it's healed. An infection on your face is no party and can be very serious; a little inconvenience now may save you hours of worry and fear (not to mention disfigurement - temporary or permanent) later.

April 24th

Incredible. I hope the guy who pierced my lip has his business license revoked. My lip is still swollen, only now I think it's from a vicious cycle begun by the infection.

While it was swollen from the infection, the ring began cutting into my lip. My lip deflated a good amount, but not enough to allow the ring to stop irritating it. As a result, my lip has remained inflamed and doesn't seem to be getting any better. I have to admit that I haven't been doing the SSSS's as regularly as I had been, mostly because I'm frustrated from the lack of progress so I justify it to myself by thinking "What's the point"?

I mentioned earlier that EJ and I had decided to remove the ring once the infection went away to let things heal up completely. Well, obviously I didn't do that, because I thought that for a while things were getting better. Now, however, I've decided to absolutely take the ring out, but I'm nervous about contracting another infection by doing it myself. I emailed the guy at the shop I trust, whom I listed as a source at the very beginning of this post, and he said I can take the ring out if I know how to and am careful.

I think I know how to.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Why? Why? Why???

Why do I say things without thinking first??

Seriously, just because the words are in my head doesn't mean they have to be heard. Why is it that I can't understand this?

Oh sure, I mean it in the best possible spirit. None of the things I'm beating myself up for saying were meant to harm or denigrate anything or anyone - rather, they were meant to help ... and that's exactly why I've got to put a sock in it! Especially when it comes to children. I mean, good grief, I've had the audacity to voice my opinion about when I think a couple should have children, unasked for, one of the most private and sometimes painful issues of married life!

The thoughts pop into my head and a second later pop right out of my mouth. Do I not think they've heard these things and thought them through? What makes me think that I have anything new to offer?

For cripes sake, Rin, just shut up already!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rest In Peace: Max

We put Max down yesterday. He was little more than a bloated seal of his former self - it was the right thing to do.

When I came home from school, I found him wrapped in a blanket, snuggled up with Mom, struggling to breathe. His back half had collapsed and we had to literally drag him outside on the carpet on which he was laying because he just couldn't move, then we had to hold him up to let him go to the bathroom - and he couldn't even go. He kept looking up at us with his big brown eyes - pretty much the only part of him that still seemed to work - as though to ask, "Why are you doing this to me? Just let me be."

When the boys got home from school (they were released early because Mom scheduled the appointment for 5:30 and wanted them to have a good amount of time to say goodbye), Max tried to get up and run to the door to greet them as was his old habit, but could only lift his head and flail his back legs helplessly. It broke my heart and of course the boys, who have basically grown up with Max, were a mess. Sean, the elder, wouldn't let us see him cry, but became angry and lashed out for every little thing, while Colin, the younger, just broke down crying.

We all spent the last few hours petting him, loving him, and generally trying to make him as comfortable as possible. Then we took him to the vet and his eyes were clear for the last time before the doctor knocked him out with sedatives and gave him the overdose of barbiturates - and he was gone just like that. We all lost it - even Sean and Dad - at that point.

We took Max home, wrapped him in a blanket and carried him to the "family graveyard" where we've buried birds and hamsters - it's a little hill where Max used to love to run and sniff on his walks around our pond. Sean had dug the hole already and Dad dumped all of Max's old dog food in ("like the Egyptians," he said) before the two boys lowered him down. We laid Max's "noogie" - a favorite blanket that he's had since puppy-hood - over him and placed his rawhide bones next to him and then we all sprinkled a handful of dirt into the grave. Sean began shoveling and soon our beloved pet was buried. Just like that.

Dad, who is very good with wood, is making a rather elaborate head-board for Max, which he'll erect in a few weeks after it's finished. Then, that'll be that and all we'll have are the memories. We're also going through all of our old pictures from 1998 onward to find any of Max so we can create a photo-album just of him.

Max had congestive heart failure for the last year of his life, but we don't think that's what killed him. Autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA) is the most likely culprit. He was doing quite well up until this last month, as I said in my earlier post, but then, out of the blue, his health just seemed to take a nose-dive and the vet told us he'd developed both anemia and an autoimmune disorder. Due to the speed with his he declined, my dad (an ER doc) concluded that it was probably AIHA which ravaged his body, and, with the complications with his heart and his age, Max just didn't have a chance.

We did the right thing, but I wish we hadn't needed to make the decision at all. Thankfully, we have our memories and I keep remembering things about Max in his earlier years, which I'd completely forgotten. Things like his ecstatic greetings of our piano teacher when he'd come to our house every week, always bringing along a doggy treat for his furry friend, or how he'd race ahead of me down the stairs every morning before school so I could let him out - I'm still amazed that he never tripped or fell, he took those stairs so fast. There are also the many walks around our pond when we were still training him not to run away; we'd take along a few small pieces of cheese and he'd run waaaay ahead and then come zooming back whenever we'd hold the treat baggy up and call him. We had to remember to shut the gates to the yard when we let him out, he'd chase the squirrels, dig small holes in the sand on our beach, eat the trash if we didn't put it away (once, he ate an entire bag of tootsie rolls that we'd forgotten to hide and had to drink charcoal to make him throw it up again - ick), and was just generally the perfect pet for our family. No dog my parents or I get in the future can replace Max. I'm so glad he was a part of my growing-up years and I will always remember him with utter fondness.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


***That's Max in my new profile pic***

And, on the heels of that joyous news, my mom just called to tell me our family dog, Max, is dying.

Max stats:
  • Brittany Spaniel
  • 11 years old
  • Diseased up the wazoo
  • Fat as a jelly roll
  • Unless a miracle occurs, probably has less than a week to live
Max has gone downhill this past year, but we put him on medication for his heart and everything seemed to be under control, then within the last month his health suddenly jumped off a cliff and has been in a free-fall. Today, it seems to have hit bottom. It's so painful to watch your puppy dying before your eyes - I'm so thankful I haven't had to watch a person whom I love do that, yet.

Thankfully, the vet has him in her clinic where she can monitor his vitals. My family has decided to cancel their Spring Break Florida trip in case decisions need to be made or Max passes away within the next week.

True thanks be to God for creating an animal whom we can love and be loved by.

He Got Promoted!!!!

He's a corporal now!!!!




Being an NCO means blood stripes on his blue pants ... and ... and ... a sword.


This year has been one of crazy fast promotions, mostly because he just picked a really lucky time to enlist - now we have to sit back and wait for sergeant. ^_^