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They Are Not Mine

I have no children of my own yet, wich means all of my thoughts come from the outside looking in, but I've been thinking lately about bearing children in the midst of the largest government takeover scheme since FDR (or maybe Jimmy Carter, I'm not very up on my 20th cent. American history). I'm also wondering how long it's going to take the government to move from essentially taking over such industries as automobile manufacturing to taking total control of our kids, communist style. I'm left wondering if having children is even a good idea when they could potentially be ripped from my arms and sent to state indoctrination centers leaving me with little to no influence over, or even contact with, them. I know about the demographic winter we're facing and, believe me, EJ can tell you how badly I want kids, so it says something that I'd actually consider not having any just so the state can't get their dirty, greedy hands on them.

But then I realize that .…
Huh. This is so odd.

EJ found out where he's being stationed today. He thought at first that he'd try and be funny and tell me he got unaccompanied orders to Japan for two years - and I hung up on him. Then he told me where he really got put and ... well ... it's not Michigan. It's in the south. I'm not a southerner; I'm a yankee to the core. =}

I've lived the majority of my life in Michigan. Sure, I've visited other places - a lot of places, in fact, but I can't really remember living anywhere other than the mitten. I'll miss showing people where I live using my hand. I'll miss the Michigan accents. I'll miss the snow. I'll miss the seasons. I'll miss making fun of the Canadians. Basically, I'll miss everything but the nanny-like, bloated government run by aformer Canadian.

Ugh. I hate the heat.

Okay, I'm waxing sentimental. Sorry. I'll go reminisce about my home state alone.

At least I'm not leaving until May. =S

Class Schedule

My class schedule for this semester:
Contemporary Religious ThoughtMedieval PhilosophySpecial Studies: C.S. LewisEarly TV Westerns (my "easy A" class)Seminar: From Beowulf to Berty Wooster (or "How British Humor Waxed 'Wode'")
Punishment and the Western Tradition
Beginning Spanish IIIf it weren't for the fact that I don't want to be here, I'd say I love my school.

I'm starting to kind of panic because I need ONE more credit beyond these classes to graduate - just one - and I can't seem to find it anywhere; I haven't got much longer to pick a class.

I think I'd have a break down if I had to stay even the few extra weeks it would take for summer school. For real, pray God I find a class.

For Most People, College is a Waste of Time =)
Hello again! No, I'm not dead!

The past three weeks have been simply wonderful. EJ was able to get Christmas leave and we were able to spend the whole time together as husband and wife. It was so nice - so beyond nice.

Christmas was a blast. Thanks to the generosity of my parents and relatives, I now pretty much have everything I need for a kitchen. The only thing I can think of that we're still missing are steak knives, but that's it - heck, we even have tupperware. =P

I also got married ... er ... again ... sort of. We had a wedding ceremony for the family complete with wedding gown, dress blues, and a cake. It was really fun and I'm glad the family got to be there. I think it helped cement the fact that I'm married in their minds better than me just telling them.

The last week of break (so, last week) I spent at EJ's base. That was a bit harder, because I knew we only had a week left and he had to be in class until 4:30 every day, but it was still lovely. All in…