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One Year Anniversary

As well as Thanksgiving, today is also EJ's and my one year anniversary!

Wedding Pictures

I found out yesterday that wedding photography trouble is a dominant gene passed down through the females of my mother's side of the family.

My wedding (2008): Both my courthouse wedding and my "formal" wedding had issues. First, EJ and I didn't bring a proper camera to our last-minute elopement, so we got only two camera-phone pictures of us actually tying the knot - one of which is now lost. Then, because our "formal" wedding was so rushed, no professional photographer could be found. A friend of an uncle said he'd do it, but then never showed. Of course, everyone brought their own cameras, but there were no beautiful professional ones such as those you see displayed all over photography websites.

My mother's wedding (1982): A little while before my mom walked down the isle, she and her photographer found an empty room in which to do the classic "beauty" shots of the bride. After snapping dozens of pictures, it came time for the ceremony t…

"It's beans and rice time!" quote the great Dave Ramsey

I could use some prayer right now. Things are pretty tight around here money-wise. EJ's car is dying, my van's windshield will need replacing within the next month or so, I just found out that the minimum payment on my student loans is $115 higher than I thought it'd be (yeah, I'll be calling Hillsdale about that), and there is simply no extra money. We can't cut any of our regular services (cable, cell phones, car insurance) because everything's under contract and the cancellation fees would be more than simply waiting until they expire - so, basically, we're hanging on and praying that we make it till February, when EJ gets a raise.

I'm looking into Child Care licensing. All my other greatmoney-makingschemes have pretty much gone the way of the Dodo and, though I don't usually like other people's kids, a need is a need so I'll make it work.

My First Place

EJ and I are going to the bank today to inquire about a mortgage, which naturally gets me dreaming about all the plans I have for my future house: gardens, farm animals, crunchy living, etc. =P

I never get carried away, honest. ^_^

It's hard for me to remember that any home we buy will be a starter home and we may only be there for three years. That, and I, who tend who have a black thumb (seriously, every plant we've had in this house has died. Every. Single. One. I killed a bonsai tree!! How do you freaking kill a tree????) and absolutely no gardening experience, will not be able to have a Barefoot Contessa-style herb garden within the first few years of moving in. *sadpanda* Still, based on what we use the most around here, I think I've narrowed it down to a few things I want to try in the first year: green peppers (we go through those like candy), tomatoes, garlic, onions, potatoes, spinach, basil, and parsley. I don't know how they'll do, but it never hurts to t…


Yay!!!!!!!!!! After how many months I'm finally ready to begin a new project. I think I'm going to try these. They look pretty easy and, if I make a few in different colors, I've got Christmas presents for female family and friends! =)

The Most Random Blog Post in the World

I love Disney's Mulan with a passion. Did you know Jackie Chan sang the Mandarin version of "I'll Make a Man Out of You"?

English version with intro for those who don't know the song:

Babies! Babies! Everywhere!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at Maria's, my priest's wife. She has a six-month-old who is fascinated with drinking glasses and water. I've never seen a baby stare so hard at one thing for so long as I did when I began idly tapping my fingernails against my glass. I noticed the baby had suddenly stopped smiling, moving, or making any noise and was just staring intently at the cup. She was actually leaning forward, so great was her concentration. I started again and kept it up for nearly five minutes, "click ... click ... tippity-tap" and she was simply enrapt. =P

I want one. (>.>)