In the name of God, here's looking forward to a single, unified Orthodox Church of the United States.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Jack slept through the night!!!! Woohoo!! That's two nights in a row now, which gives me hope it's not just a fluke. Oh my goodness, five and a half months without a single full night's sleep and now suddenly, BAM, eight hours of uninterrupted sleepy goodness. He's also falling asleep like a champ. I don't even have to rock him anymore. Letting him cry it out, while hard for us both, has worked wonders. I just take him upstairs, turn on his lullabies, and lay him in his crib. A few minutes of quiet fussing, then silence. This is wonderful. Simply wonderful.

He's making up for it, though, by being extra clingy during the day. Actually, it began exactly after he slept through the night the first time (meaning it started yesterday). He doesn't want to be put down. He doesn't want to be in the Boba, front or back (although front is better than back when I'm desperate), he wants to be held in my arms so he can look and move and reach and grab and heaven forbid I try to put him down for a few minutes to go to the bathroom or unload the dishwasher or deal with the puppy when Mom or Dad aren't around. I didn't even start making supper last night until 7:30, after he went to bed. The moms of the Internet say this clinginess is just a phase, but I hope it's one that passes soon. The house is a mess and I'm afraid Dad is going to start charging me rent if I don't get back to keeping things clean around  here.

Speaking of cleaning, I hope the house deal goes through. I really, really do. It'll be great to be in my own place and not feel the pressure of having to earn my keep. I'm so grateful to my parents for sheltering me and helping with Jack while EJ's deployed, I honestly don't know what I would have done without them, but I'm also ready to have my own place again and that old farmhouse is calling my name. =)

Two more months. Two more months. Two more months till EJ gets back!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Has it been five months already? What happened to that small, seven-pound blob who came home from the hospital? Where did this wriggly, happy, long baby come from? Jack just cut his two bottom front teeth. He still doesn't roll over (he's done it twice by accident, but he just can't figure out how to move that arm out of the way). He's finally gotten some blond fuzz on the top of his (adorable) head, but, to most people, he's simply bald. He has blueberry eyes. Seriously, his irises are the color of blueberries! He's learning to sit on his own. He has the cutest smile and he gives his smiles away so easily. Such a happy baby.

EJ's set to come back at the end of November. I can't wait!

The house project is moving forward. Things are looking a bit more certain, though I have to keep in mind that it could still all go up in smoke at any moment. That's the price you pay for buying a "For Sale by Owner" property.

Pinterest is electronic crack.

Since I'm not voting for either the Republican or Democratic candidate, I'm trying to avoid coverage of the presidential race. Easier said than done when you live in a home whose other occupants have the news on constantly.

Life goes on. =)