In the name of God, here's looking forward to a single, unified Orthodox Church of the United States.

Friday, March 28, 2008

"As with the Commander of an Army, or the leader of any enterprise, so is it with the mistress of a house. Her spirit will be seen through the whole establishment.... Of all those requirements which may particularly belong to the feminine character, there are none that take a higher rank, in our estimation, than such as enter into a knowledge of household duties; for on these are perpetually dependent the happiness, comfort, and well-being of a family." - Mrs. Beeton.

I don't know who she was, but Una A. Robinson, in her book The Illustrated History of the Housewife, felt this a good enough quote to repeat and I fully agree. =)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wedding bells a-ringin'

So the wedding is about a year away now. It's been such a long time coming with so many emotions attached that a year seems like no time at all. If I were wed yesterday it wouldn't be too soon.

We haven't settled on a date yet, but I'd really rather not be married on an odd-numbered day. I don't know what it is, but to me even numbers are so much prettier. I'd love to get married in April, but I'll still be in school, May 16th sounds nice, but it would be right after my final exams and I don't want to have to plan a wedding while studying for a bunch of tests. June is probably the best and I don't mind being a June bride. June 6th seems to work.

Oh, and when I say "we", I mean "me", not because I'm a bridezilla, but because EJ is absolutely opinionless on the matter. "I trust your judgment, dear," seems to be his catchphrase for anything wedding related. I just hope he likes the end results! It'll all be worth it just to see him waiting for me at the alter in his dress blues. *swoons*

Yes, I am totally a stereotypical indecisive woman! This is why I have a man to help and guide me along - except he won't in this case. Ahhh!

No matter what happens, though, I don't forget that the purpose of a wedding is to get married. So, whether I end up in the archbishop's cathedral, or the courthouse, one way or another I am spending the rest of my life with this man.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Less Convoluted Continuance

I can't help it, I have to post.

Today was going to be the day.

I was going to learn, come hell or high water.

I was going to KNIT!!!

Fearlessly, I entered Wal-mart and made my way to the fabric section. I was as the intrepid explorers of old, scouting new lands and territories. But my heart quivered within me as I gazed upon the rows of yarn and knitting needles. Where would I ever start? I was lost - afloat in a sea of soft wool. Avast! My eyes suddenly rested upon the glossy cover of a cheap instruction manual. I Can't Believe I'm Knitting! The model on its cover gloated as she effortlessly looped and tied her furry prey. In a frenzy of jealousy, I seized the book and vigorously perused its instructions. "Good enough," I thought, and, bolstered by this most recent victory, chose a 10-size needle and blue double worsted yarn. Mwahaha. Defeat would never touch me!

Eyes wide open, I hurried to the checkout line (after quickly checking to see if they had the third season of Futurama and then grabbing a gallon of drinking water) lest someone perceive my determination and attempt to waylay me. After giving the vested check-out lady my hard earned money (sorting and returning all of those bottle and cans takes effort), the van was safely reached and I drove hurriedly home.

Once inside my room, all thoughts were bent upon success. Carefully now, I read and studied my prize, make a loop, yes, then slip it over, oui, then gently tighten. HAHAHA!! It worked! It really worked!! Excitedly I turned the page, I could accomplish anything!

But mine enemies were all around me. Seeing my small victory at casting on, they sought to boggle my brains with their instructions for continuing the stitch. Sweat poured in small rivulets down my forehead as I pondered the illustrations and read again and again the words meant to guide me towards my ultimate goal - a square kitchen scrubber. Alas! They had won! Timidly, I pushed the needle through a loop, put the yarn over, then pulled it through and -


- complete and utter failure. Over and over I tried; now this way, now that way, but it was hopeless; I was vanquished. My stitches were as laughable as a pug dog. I'd been bested, defeated, and laid low. Dejected, I unraveled my pathetic attempts and came to vent my frustrations to the world at large (at least, everyone who reads this here). Thankfully, I've ordered a DVD from It was foolish of me to ever try to learn anything practical from a book - even one with pictures. I'm a visual/motion/hands on learner. No book, however beautiful the pictures, can truly help me (the one exception being the Bible, but that's just because God ish teh awesome sauce).

One way or another, though, I will learn to knit. Hopefully, this DVD will help, but if it doesn't, I'll hunt down a grandma and force her to teach me. The DVD would just be way more convenient.

Monday, March 24, 2008

A Convoluted Beginning

Well, hello there. Allow me to introduce myself:

Name: Rin

Age: 20

Location: USA

Faith: Christian, Nondenominational

Political leanings (unofficial): Conservative Libertarian

Status: Betrothed (hehe, I like that word and its connotations)

Occupation: College Student for most of the year (Almost a Senior! Whoo!). I also work in the college costume shop helping make the costumes for the various theatre productions. I love it there. My second job is summers and holidays only as a secretary for an emergency room; not so thrilled about that one - but it brings in the green.

Hopes for the future: To marry my lover, settle down, maybe find a quickie job somewhere 'til we have kids, then settle down even more and become a full time homemaker.

I can't think of any other little tags to put, so I'll just have to reveal myself through my future posts!


This is more my first post than my actual "first post."

Today is the last day of Spring Break. My bags are packed and I'll be leaving in a few hours to go back to school. (Boo!) I don't like being at college. If I could just stay at home and help out until I get married, I'd be in heaven, but, unfortunately, my dad does not agree with me on that. I have to admit, too, that if my husband dies I can't exactly count on my family to take care of us ("us" being me and any future children). Thus, a college education is required (*pouts*). Don't get me wrong, I want to be educated and the college I've chosen is the absolute best in its "bracket," but I think I could have learned what I have at school, with maybe only a little more trouble (and a lot smaller price tag!), at home.

Anyway, I'm rather a negative person, so I apologize in advance if I sound like I'm always complaining. I try really hard to be positive, but, in this fallen world, I find it difficult at times.

So, my life right now basically consists of schooling and writing letters to my fiance ("EJ") who is in Marine boot camp right now (Graduation is April 25!).

I'm a loner. Yes. An acquaintance once told me that some girls on my hall in our dorm don't even know what I look like - and that's after living within 100 feet of me for 8 months! While I'm perfectly content shutting myself away for most of the day, I know that such a life is not conducive to carrying out the Great Commission. Thankfully, I am a sinner who has been saved by grace and my God is infinitely bigger than any personality foibles I may harbor.

'Til next time, peace!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008