In the name of God, here's looking forward to a single, unified Orthodox Church of the United States.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Back Home

I'm finally out of North Carolina. I moved back home to Michigan around Christmas (take my word for it, never move around the holidays), EJ's back in NC waiting to deploy, and I'm just trying to reconnect with my old friends before I no longer have any time for myself. One of them hosts a weekly Yarn Group in her home, which I'm attending tonight. Seriously, I still have Christmas scarves that need to be finished. This'll be great. (^_^)

Despite being home for almost a month, I haven't had that many opportunities to attend the local Orthodox church in town. Today was only my second time and it was the first time I could actually stay and chat with people. The Presvytera was so funny. I didn't recognize her accent, I'm assuming Greek, and she latched onto me as soon as she saw a new face and began introducing me to people left and right. "This is Maria! This is Janie! This is Michelle! This is Janie's husband! North Carolina is too hot and humid, I prefer it here." (No argument there.) I had to chuckle after I left, because there's no way I'll remember more than a few people without further reintroductions, I can't even remember Presvytera's name. However, she also explained how to proceed with Jack's baptism after he's born ("You must pick Godmother! I recommend Michelle. Of course, there's Janie and Maria, but I prefer Michelle."), so I now have a slightly Greek-flavored to-do list in my head. Mmm, yummy.

The family dog is staring at me forlornly. It was strange at first, having a canine in the house who wasn't Max, especially another Brittany, but she's grown on me. Lucy has her own personality, of course, and slightly different physical characteristics: her feet turn out, whereas Max's always faced forward, her ears are ever so slightly lower, she's liver colored instead of red, and, obviously, isn't a boy dog, but I'm learning. I like her. It's a good start.

I suppose that's enough for now. Peace!