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Yesterday was my 21st birthday!

I spent the night at a friend's apartment on July 19th and we went to the big casino in town, where, instead of gambling, we played DDR until we were completely out of breath (Note to Self: just because it's only 4 feet on heavy, doesn't mean it isn't still hard!)! She and I then headed back to her apartment and watched The Neverending Story. All in all, it was a pretty good night - and I didn't wake up the next morning thinking, "Uuuuugh, what did I do??"

The actual day of my birthday, my family took me out to eat and I ordered my first legal beer - which I didn't even end up finishing.

This morning, the first thing one of my coworkers said to me was, "Please, Rin, tell me you're hung over." Apparently, she didn't approve of my restraint. =P


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Curse you, public schools!!!

Sleeeeeeeeeep. -_-;

I really need to work on re-adjusting my sleep schedule. My job at the hospital requires me to be up and about at 5:00 am every Mon, Wed, and Fri. Unfortunately, I'm definitely a night person and love to stay awake until midnight or later. It's kind of weird actually; I can be super tired all day long, but when the clock strikes 9:00 pm, it's like a mental caffeine bomb goes off in my head and I feel more awake than ever. Because of this, I stay up far later than I should on nights where I have to work in the morning and on the nights where I don't have to worry about the alarm clock, I will stay awake until my eyes begin to tear up. Lately, I've been experiencing insomnia, where I will lie awake in bed for three or more hours trying to fall asleep and wind up getting maybe only four hours of fitful-at-best shut eye before having to get up for work. Despite this, my body still does not like going to bed.

So, what's a gal to do?

I think I'm going to force myse…