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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Whiney-ness and Happy-ness

Yesterday was kind of rough. I think I need a break from Baby. Just a couple hours, you see, where I'm not worried Jack could wake up at any second, where I can just do what I want with no pressure to hurry and finish before he starts crying. My mom has been an amazing help on this journey called Motherhood, but six days ago my family got a new puppy (I was against it, but, not being a permanent member of this household, was overruled) - and suddenly I don't feel right asking her to hold Jack for a while so I can have a break when she's been dealing with Libby for the past hour and finally has a minute to herself. I don't expect my parents to be parents to my child, but I suppose I have been rather spoiled up till now and this past week has been hard.

There, that's all I'll say on the subject.


In happier news, we may have found a house. =D

It's a 100-year-old farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere on 2 acres with 38 more behind. Absolutely perfect. Dad would take the 38 and I'd take the 2, with the option of purchasing more in the future. It's not set in stone, in fact the whole deal is perched rather precariously on a hill of sand, but I'm confident that if this is the home God has set aside for me and EJ it will go through.

Here's praying. (^_^)

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