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Thursday, October 28, 2010

An Early 50's Comedy

Never Wave at a WAC (1953)

Totally cute movie about a vapid, devorcee who enlists in the Army thinking she was receiving a commission as an officer - and gets more than she bargained for!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Christa Taylor Dresses Review

After being tipped off by Cam over at "A Woman's Place...", I purchased two dresses from Christa Taylor at ridiculously discounted prices. I've known about the store for years now, but the prices always kept me at "wistfully longing for" rather than "actually buying something", so I jumped at the chance to finally get the black Lucy Dress and the bright blue Best Friend Dress I've been eying for a while. They came in the mail today and I couldn't try them on fast enough.

At first, I was disappointed with the Lucy, because I thought they hadn't included the belt and, without anything to cinch in my waist, it rather hung on me like a sack. Honestly, the first thing I thought of upon seeing myself in the mirror was "airline stewardess" ... and not in a good way. Also, the V-neck plunges quite a bit lower than I thought it would and the button area tends to "poof" open, leaving little to the imagination; this means I'll have no choice but to wear a shirt underneath, to avoid exposing myself to all and sundry. However, once I found the belt (blending in with the whiteness of the packaging) it made all the difference in the world! I'll still have to wear an under shirt, and I wouldn't say the dress lives up to the website's claim of being "slimming", but, overall, I'm not disappointed with it's cutesy, retro feel.

After the few minutes of emotional turmoil I went through with the Lucy , the Best Friend was like a cool drink on a hot day. Right from the start it was such a cute, fun piece. It has a built in sash to cinch in that waist and it's so simple and refreshing. I feel like I could go anywhere in it; there's literally nothing I don't like about it. The big buttons are easier to handle that the tiny Lucy buttons and the side zipper makes slipping the dress over your head a breeze. And it's far more forgiving of my bodily flaws than the Lucy.

Here here to the first new non-work-related clothes I've bought in almost three years!! =D

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cutting Back

I'm going to cut back. I'm not talking about money, or any of the usual suspects. I'm going to cut back on dishes. "You mean washing them?" You may ask. The answer to that is: yes and no. I've already described ad nauseum on this blog how I have a powerful case of The Lazy and that my housekeeping has suffered tremendously as a result. The only way I can think of to keep the pile of dirty dishes in my sink from mutating into a living being and taking over the kitchen is to cut back drastically on how many of them we keep out and available. Fewer dishes means less mess and washing. If we run out of dishes faster, we'll have to clean them more. Come tomorrow, I'm going to take some boxes home from work and pack up our excess cups, plates, and bowls, leaving behind only two or three of each. I'll keep the boxes in a relatively accessible place, in case we have company, but I'm just sick and tired of fighting with the never ending mountain of dishes that piles up between just me and my husband.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kill Your Children, Daddy Government Says It's for the Best

China's Thirty Years War Against its own People Slated to Continue
...I was in China when the one-child policy began 30 years ago.

What I saw then, living in an agricultural commune in rural Guangdong, rivals anything that happened in Nazi Germany. One day in 1980 several hundred young mothers, all pregnancy with second or higher-order children, were ordered to attend population control meetings. There they were told that they would all have to abort their pregnancies. Those who refused were arrested for the "crime" of being pregnant and locked up until they, too, buckled under the pressure and submitted to an abortion.


Everything that I witnessed then, from the forced abortions of women in the third trimester of pregnancy to government-sanctioned infanticide, is still happening now.
Being told I'd have to kill my baby for the good of the state is something I can't even fathom. For all its loosening of its economics policy, people don't realize just how brutal China still is.